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The Witch Within
by Shewolf Silver Shadows   

Close your eyes and listen, not with your ears, but with your soul.

Listen to the lessons offered by the Witch that resides deep within your very self.

If you can not hear the whispers of this Witch, then listen to the wisdom whispered on the wind, revealed in the patter of rain as it hits the ground, or the softly spoken insights that drift quietly on the smoke and scents of a candles flame.

Seek the truths in the caress of the sun's warmth, or the loving arms of the moon's silvery embrace.

Seek out the balance, search for the knowledge,
and discover  --
the Whispers from the Witch Within!
                                                                                            -Shewolf Silver Shadows 2003

If you were previously subscribed to this online publication you will notice some changes in our webs site and in the mailing list group both which have been updated as of August 2005. We hope you like the new look and enjoy the wonderfully educational quality articles.

It is our goal that the "Whispers of the Witch Within" Pagan Newsletter, now Pagan Ezine, be a publication that helps to promote tolerance and understanding via educational and enlightening articles. You will discover balance here and not only will you find the informative articles on Witch subjects, but you will discover how to have a healthier, safer and even more fun-filled life from some of the articles within this
amazing newsletter.

Whispers of the Witch Within will host materials such as Religious Tolerance articles, Pagan Parenting Tips, Children of the Pagan Ways coloring pages, Back To Basics, Bit o' Magic, and Tools of the Trade that are highly educational and will make you stop and think. Also discover unique articles, such as The Journey into the Animal World, and The Magical Garden, an article that covers info on how to care for and cultivate herbs and other helpful plants. Healthy Homes! Stone Stories, an article on a crystal or stone each issue. As well as Discover Others an educational and tolerant article on other spiritual paths.

Do you have a question that you are interested in finding out different answers from several Witches of varying levels of learning? Then we hope you will submit your question to the Ask the Witches! Ask the Witches is a column along the lines of Dear Abby. Readers of all walks will be able to pose questions that they seek answers to, and will receive a reply from several Witches in each issue of the Newsletters publication.

Meet and Greet the God and Goddess, an in-depth educational article with a personal view on a different God and Goddess in each issue. Moon Madness, an article that covers fun and informative information on the moon with a dusting of sunlight added in.

Do you want to learn online? Well there are some wonderful web sites out there and honestly there are some that are providing bogus information. With the possibly millions of Pagan oriented web sites out there, which ones are helpful, educational, fantastic,and fun? Which are the ones to see and which are the ones that you might not want to take to heart? Also discover our own favorite online pagan type stores! We also offer Book reviews. Most often the book reviews will be on one book each issue and will be done by different readers, but from time to time we will only have one person doing the book review.

Also discover some truly beautiful pagan poetry as well as tasty delights in the form of recipes from the Green Witch Kitchen.

This amazing Newsletter has something for everyone from the Solitary Practitioner to the Pagan Parent, from the Christian to the Coven High Priestess. So I hope you will subscribe to our wonderful Newsletter and enjoy it for years to come! And tell your friends too!

Warm Blessings!

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