Warm Greetings and Welcome!

Welcome to this magical place, come -- discover the 'Witch Within'!

Close your eyes and listen, not with your ears, but with your soul.

Listen to the lessons offered by the Witch that resides deep within your very self.
If you can not hear the whispers of this Witch, then listen to the wisdom whispered on the wind, revealed in the patter of rain as it hits the ground, or the softly spoken insights that drift quietly on the smoke and scents of a candles flame.

Seek the truths in the caress of the sun's warmth, or the loving arms of the moon's silvery embrace.

Seek out the balance, search for the knowledge, and discover  --  the Witch Within!

In today's hustle and bustle world I think that the Inner Witch is all too often lost. Lost in the noise of cars passing by, stereo's blasting out a favorite tune, people shouting out orders, or obscenities. Lost in the television playing something that keeps you inside instead of allowing you to visit the magic of the great out doors. I hope that what you find within the many pages of this site may help you to 'listen' and 'hear' your own Inner Witch.

This site is finally taking all my other sites and blending them together. All the information that is on four different sites, placed here. So, those of you that have once upon a time visited 'The Path of Shewolf' or 'Shadows of a Witch', or 'Real Witchcraft', or even 'In The Shadows'. Some of the info here may seem familiar to you, but taking and blending all those older sites and creating this new one also offers new and exciting information that is not shared via the other sites. Not to mention that I am now offering a few classes via this site for those that wish to know more!

Please know that this site contains my truth. And just because my truth may not reflect your own truth does not make neither my truth nor your own truth any less, true, only our own truths.

There is much within this site, so please click on the site map to make sure you see the many pages of this site as well as to discover any updates to exsisiting pages.

Warm Blessings
Shewolf Silver Shadows

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